Thanksgiving & Diffusing the Responsibility

Visited my mother for Thanksgiving.


When I arrived we took the train part of the way back to her home. When I got on the train there was a lady who was passed out against the window. She didn’t seem to be in great condition but of course we all go about our day.
After sitting on the train for about 10 minutes there was a flailing sound and some movement. I looked over to see what was happening and the lady was convulsing violently. She was foaming at the mouth and her eyes were bulging out of her head. Immediately I figure she was having a seizure.
Diffusion of responsibility man. People are fucking stupid. No one was doing anything! Some people were moving away from her except one girl who I became friends with afterwards. I called 911 and yelled for the train station authorities so they wouldn’t take off with the convulsing lady on the train.
She was still breathing but completely unconscious when they made us get off the train.
We were directed to a different train, got on, and departed. I hope the lady is ok. I take great comfort in knowing that if anything happens to me or my loved ones no one is going to do a thing about it. I don’t understand it man. Kitty Geneviese was brutally raped and murdered back in the 70s(? I think).
Why the hell don’t people do anything when another person is suffering. In this instance there is no reason for someone to not have helped as she was completely unconscious and not a threat whatsoever to those around her.
She was black? Is it cynicism? Assuming she was some junkie who was having a bad trip or an overdose?



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