Sheer Red Lip Friday! – Nivea Fruity Shine Cereza

I have got to be up for work and class in 6 hours! But I wanted to make a quick post before bed. I have recently been super interested in sheer red lip products. I think they look so beautiful, especially now that winter is coming.

Here I have a sheer red lip balm from Nivea which I got in Argentina last summer. Now, it is in Spanish but I know that the same one is sold in the U.S. When I have time I will find the name in English and edit it into this post!

I LOVE this lip balm. When I was growing up in Bolivia I had one for YEARS and I would barely ever use it because I felt that it was too pigmented (I was only 11-16 years old. Now I feel like I really have to load it on to get coverage but it is a great product. It has EXTREMELY small silver glitters that are barely noticeable but add shine.

  • Moisturizing
  • Beautiful Color
  • Sheer!
  • Smell is not overwhelming
  • Cheap 
  • Natural-Looking




Well, I’m off to sleep! Have a great day/night/etc! 

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